Account opening process is convenient, fill in the account request and the commissionerwill contact you about account opening. Deposit and withdraw funds is convenient. Investors can also apply for simulation of the account to experience the operation.


Deposit Funds
CurrencyAccount NameBank NameBranch NameSWIFT CODEAccount No.USDTOKIN COMPANY LIMITEDSumitomo MitsuiBanking CorporationIkebukuro BranchSMBCJPJT2006321JPYTOKIN COMPANY LIMITEDSumitomo MitsuiBanking CorporationIkebukuro BranchSMBCJPJT3187162
The bank account information of Japanese Yen is only available to Taiwan’s clients. Please distinguish the account No. between US dollar and Japanese Yen in the remittance. If any mistakes are made because of the client’s faults in the remittance, the client should take all the responsibilities and the corresponding charges.In order to confirm the remittance as soon as possible, please note the account holder’s name and account number or login ID in the remarks column of the remittance slip and fax or E-mail it to in time after the remittance.Because of the restriction on word count in the remarks column, the required information above cannot be completely filled in, please contact us immediately after the remittance with account number or login ID.Deposit can be checked in FX account. Please transfer the money to commodity account or securities account if there is a need to trade the relevant products. Or contact our Customer Service Department anytime at all. 
  ﹡The remitter is limited to the trading account holder.﹡Since TOKIN cannot confirm the owner of the margin deposits because of incompletion of account number or login ID in the remarks column of the remittance slip and the lost of contact, TOKIN will not complete the margin call to the client’s trading account until the client contacts with us and some information is confirmed.﹡The remittance confirmed at 8 a.m. HK time will complete the margin call before 9:30 a.m. of the same trading day. And the remittance confirmed at 2 p.m. HK time will complete the margin call before 5:00 p.m. of the same trading day. But the completion of margin call may take longer time than usual as the concentration of remittances or other emergencies come. So please allow for sufficient time for remittance.﹡For the delay of the margin call caused by the above factors, TOKIN will not take any responsibilities, please note it.﹡Client will undertake all bank commissions for deposit funds. 

Withdraw Funds
Trade Square/TokinAutonThe client can choose either of the following way to submit the withdrawal application.①Press the button of “withdraw margin” in the trading platform and fill in the withdrawal amount, thus to complete the withdrawal application.②Contact our customer service department by telephone to complete the withdrawal application under the help of the specialist when login ID and service pin are needed.◇TOKIN will remit money before 2 p.m. HK time on the next business day after the withdrawal application is submitted. The date of the submitted application is marked off by rollover time.   Notes: The client’s margin is in a trust money account, so the withdrawal may delay because of the procedures from the trust bank.Rollover time of the trading system:Summer Time:5:00 a.m. every day from Monday to Friday and 4:15 a.m. on Saturday (HK time)Winter Time:6:00 a.m. every day from Monday to Friday and 5:15 a.m. on Saturday (HK time)◇The withdrawal may delay because of the concentration of withdrawal application or other emergencies, please to be understanding.  ﹡The variation margin may be not enough for withdrawal amount because of the market fluctuation.﹡It needs more time to handle with the full withdrawal margin with account termination.﹡As for the withdrawal margin from abroad, it usually takes 5 to 7 business days to receive the remittance since the application is submitted.﹡Please contact our customer service department for more information about commission of remittance.