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Q:What fee should be charged for opening a live account?
A: No fee is charged.

Q:Can a person hold many live accounts in his name in Probis ?
A: Sorry. A person can only hold one account.

Q:Should the margin deposit be US dollar ?
A: For non-Australian clients, Probis only provide with USD account.

Q:Can the corporate client open a live account ?
A: Of course. But the submitted materials will differ from those of individual client.

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Q:Can the client deposit funds by credit card ?
A: Sorry, currently Probis only accept the margin deposit by telegraphic transfer.

Q:How many days it will take for depositing funds ?
A: We will complete the funds depositing as soon as the funds are confirmed receiving. But about the days it will take from the remitting bank to collecting bank, please contact your remitting bank.

Q:Should the client submit a written application for withdrawing funds ?
A: There is no need of it for Probis Auton clients. The client can submit the application from the trading platform by the button of “withdraw margin” or directly call our service department to have the specialist submit the application.

Q:Where will the margin withdrawal be remitted, as bank account No. is not needed when the application is submitted ?
A: Probis will remit the margin withdrawal to the registered bank account No. of the account holder. If the information of bank account No. has been changed, please amend your registered information first before submitting a margin withdrawal.

Q:I have been waiting for my margin withdrawal for 2 days but haven’t received it yet. What’s wrong?
A: The procedure will be completed the next day after the application has been submitted and will also be postponed because of the holiday. In addition, since it is a remittance from abroad, it usually takes 5 to 7 days to receive the remittance. Now, your situation is normal, please wait for another while.

Q:How about the commission of depositing and withdrawing margin?
A: Since the commission of depositing and withdrawing margin will vary from the sum, please contact our customer service department for details.

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Q:Which should be used to login to the Probis Auton trading platform, login ID, account No., password or service pin?
A: Please input the login ID, password and choose a proper trading channel correspondingly in the login interface to log on to the trading platform. Account No. and service pin are not used during the login. Service pin is used in telephone inquiry about the account details or in telephone trading. Please keep safe both of password and service pin.

Q:Should both password and service pin be changed during the first login of Probis Auton?
A: Yes, Since it is for your sake of funds security, the trading system will enforce you to change your password and service pin during the first login. If not, you cannot use the trading platform. Please keep safe for your new password and service pin.

Q:Is trading by telephone available? 
A: Only for Probis Auton clients and it will charge telephone commission in addition. So, it is suggested to trading online under normal situation.

Q:Will slippage happen in your trading platform?
A: Maybe sometimes.

Q:What types of orders you have got?
A: Probis provides market order, limit order, Stop-loss order, OCO order and If Done order.

Q:How about the quotes?
A: Probis’s counterparty provides the clients with two-way quotes on the basis of the real-time price from inter-dealer market.

Q:Can the floating profit/loss be viewed immediately? Can historical trading log be viewed?
A: In Probis Auton, after clicking “Trades” from “View” on the top the trading platform, the outstanding positions and their floating profit or loss can be viewed. Click “History” from “View”, and all the transactions of the account can be viewed.

Q:Can hold the positions of same product with same lot(s) but in different trading directions at a time?
A: Yes, hedging is allowed. But since it is a transaction lack of economic rationality that the client should bear the cost of double spread and commission etc., it is not suggested.

Q:How to set a limit order?
A: In Probis Auton, after clicking the product for trade in quote window, please choose “Limit Order” in “Order Type”. If you want to set a limit settle for a position, you can choose “limit settle” from the menu of right click.

Q:Can historical trading log be printed?
A: Yes, in Probis Auton, after clicking “AccountSummary” from “View” on the top the trading platform, then youwill see two buttons of “Show Statement”. Please click each of them to view thelog on one trading day or during a period and can see a button of “Print” onthe top right of the popup window.

Q:Can password and service pin be changed in Probis Auton?
A: Yes, after logging to the trading platform, please click “Change Password” or “Change Service Pin”.

Q:What should I do when the Probis Auton account has been locked after 6 successive input of wrong password ?
A: You should apply for resetting the password and service pin, if not, you cannot login to the trading platform. Please refer to the way of application.

Q:What should I do when the login ID, password or service pin of Probis Auton account is lost?
A: You should apply for resending the login ID, or resetting the password or service pin, if not, you cannot login to the trading platform. Please refer to the way of application.

Q:How to change the registered personal information?
A: Please print “Application for Account Information Amendment” and fill in it, then mail, fax or Email it to us. When you want to change the registered name or seal, the identification document is needed in addition and should post it to Probis. The form of “Application for Account Information Amendment” is available.