Probis​ provides products with large investment needs and volume; Customers can easily access to relevant information and seize market opportunity. These products have large enough trading volume so that all investors can enjoy the same fair investment environment.


FX Specifications
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In USD account, if minimum fluctuation value is in other currencies except US Dollar, it will be exchanged to dollar automatically at real-time rate by the system.
The items listed above may vary with conditions. Please subject to the actual situation.
Please contact with our customer service department to inquire about the commission..
With sufficient funds, the maximum for an orderis 500 lots .

Trading Hours
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The reversal of winner time and summer time refers to USA time. Each time before the reversal, it will be informed on our website.
During the 5 minutes after rollover, since the trading system updates the trading date, no order or instruction will be executed.
Some or all of the products will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day, which is informed on our website in advance.