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About Necessary Margin

Opening a new position
FX:             Necessary Margin = Open Price × ContractSize × 1% ;
Commodity CFD: Necessary Margin = Open Price × ContractSize × 2% ;
Securities CFD:  Necessary Margin = Open Price × PointValue × 2% ;

At the time of rollover on each trading day
Necessary margin for maintenance =Close Price× Contract Size × 1% ;
Commodity CFD:
Necessary Margin for maintenance = ClosePrice × Contract Size × 2% ;
Securities CFD:  
Necessary Margin for maintenance = ClosePrice × Point Value × 2% ;
The necessary margin for maintenance will bethe necessary margin of the open position in next trading day.
If the open position is long position, theclose price will use the ask price.

Hedge Position: When you hold a short position and a longposition of the product, the necessary margin for maintenance will becalculated based on the turnover of the short position or that of the longposition, whichever is greater.(Turnover=Open Price × ContractSize/ Point Value)

The Contract size and point value of theproducts can refer to under link:
Commodity CFD:
Securities CFD:

Notes about margin
 Current Margin Percentage = Effective Margin/ Necessary Margin.
Maintenance rate of necessary margin formaintenance = Effective margin/ Necessary margin for maintenance.
Effective margin: Margin balance plus/minusfloating profit/loss.Necessary margin: Necessary margin foropening a new position.(At the time of rollover, the open price willchange to the close price in the calculation of necessary margin for anexisting position, so after rollover .)
Necessary margin for maintenance: Necessarymargin for maintaining an existing position at the time of rollover.
Variation Margin: Free use margin (VariationMargin = Effective margin - Necessary margin)。

About Auto Settle
About auto settle can refer the followinglink.

Calculation of margin trading

In general cases
For example: you buy 1 lot of EURUSD at1.12000, and the close price(Ask price) at rollover is 1.12500:
1.Necessary margin of opening a position = 1.12000(Open Price) ×10000×1%=112 USD
2.Necessary margin for maintenance at rollover =1.12500(close price)×10000×1%=112.50 USD.
3.Next trading day’s necessary margin will use the necessary margin formaintenance which calculated by close price 112.50 USD.

In case of hedge position
For example: You buy 1 lot of EURUSD at1.12000 and then sell 1 lot of EURUSD at 1.12020:
1. Turnover of the long position: 1.12000×10000=11200 USD
2. Turnover of the short position: 1.12020×10000=11202 USD

Then, 11202 USD, turnover of the shortposition, will be the standard for calculation the necessary margin formaintenance. That is, the turnover is 11202×1%×1lot=112.02 USD.